Trip Reports, Mohawk Lakes, Colorado

Mohawk Lakes - Colorado

Posted by [no screen name] on Aug 09, 2013

Trip taken on Jul 19, 2013


I heard a lot about the Mohawk Lakes before venturing out to Breckenridge, and was pleased to find that all the rumors were true - this place is stunning.

What many probably don't realize is that upper Mohawk Lake is just the beginning of the really good stuff. There are 5 lakes above 'upper' Mohawk Lake that are arguably much more interesting.

Upper Mohawk Lake is located in a bowl that's kind of limited from a view and exploration standpoint.

Once above it, the valley opens and levels like a football field, where you can follow streams and natural contours to 4 of the 5 lakes (the fifth takes real effort, and I was chased out by storms).

These lakes / tarns are located well above treeline below jagged 13,000' peaks. Flowers are ridiculous, and I saw trout gathering like salmon in some of the outlet streams. Also, look for goats.

The hike itself is really nice, especially past the Wheeler Trail junction. Anticipate some difficult sections above the mining ruins and waterfall access trail.

While the Mayflower Lakes detour is tempting, gun it for upper Mohawk Lake and then just keep going. It's surreal up there!

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